Sunday, June 20, 2010

tied the knot and lucky in love. lucky knot.

jessica lynn & christopher joseph.
tied the knot in 2008. and lucky in love.
lucky knot.

i started this little blog {not that i don't already have a few} to document as many little tidbits of our lives together as i can. i know all too well that memories fade too quickly and all too often the stories get left untold.

and i don't want that to happen to us.

so here's a little tidbit of our lives. together. in a lucky little knot.


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  1. Hey Jessica! Your wedding blog was the very first blog that I got hooked on. Yes, Style Me Pretty, Ritzy Bee, and Southern Weddings Magazine's blog were all lavish and fancy but I adored yours more : ) I loved {and still love} your writing style, the way you tell stories, your view on life, and your carefree ways. I check in on your "Tying the Knot" blog here and there to see if you're giving any glimpses into how life is for you now...all wifed up and stuff : ) I was so happy to see that you started this new personal blog; I'm looking forward to peering in from where I sit in Atlanta : )