Sunday, January 23, 2011

15 things to do this winter

well my friends, winter is here!
it's my hope & belief that spring is right around the corner.
here are just a few things i'd like to accomplish this winter.
15 to be exact.

1. bake something. cupcakes, preferably. {check!}
2. host a fantastic new year's eve party. toast to a new year. {check!}
3. build a snowman. decorate with scarf, stick arms, etc.
4. keep a few of my new year's resolutions. {in process}
5. go to a butler & university of cincinnati basketball game.
6. wear every scarf in my repertoire at least once.
7. go sledding, ice skating or skiing. breathe in the fresh cold air.

8. pretend bathing suit season will never arrive. {in process}
9. get snowed in for a day. turn on the fire & sip cocoa. snuggle
10. start buying gifts for next christmas. even for oneself.
11. curl up on the couch with a book. read it.
12. have our nieces & nephews over for a sleepover. giggle with them.
13. plan husband's 30th b-day party. succeed. {in process}
14. see a movie at the movie theatre. eat buttery popcorn. {check!}
15. make it thru busy season at work. toast to that.

i once had a darling little sled like the one in the photo above.
i would hop on it & soar down my childhood sledding hill.
which now, to my 26 year old eyes, resembles an ant hill.
those were the days.
as mentioned in this post, i only have a few more months to live up my youth.
so, where's the nearest sledding hill & where can i find such an adorable sled?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

this year: turning twenty-seven

something really odd happened today after it started to sink in that it's 2011.
i realized that this is the year that i turn 27.
and i had a mild panic attack.

twenty. seven. already!? for some reason i imagined that i would be so much more {something} by 27.

more sophisticated.
more in love with my career.
more into lipstick... & less into sweatpants.
more ready to be a mother.
more able to cook.
more into politics.

i am honestly terrified to turn 27 in july as i always equated 27 with "old."
i have 6ish months until the big day & i'll be living up the rest of my youth by:

continuing to shop @ forever 21. banana republic can wait.
working for the weekend at my day job. ceo status can wait.
wearing chap stick & sweatpants. lipstick & frilly dresses can wait.
appreciating my freedom. children will {god-willing} come along. later.
enjoying my husband's cooking. let's be honest - i'll never be as good as he is.
& watching bravo tv instead of c-span/cnn/fox news. politics can wait.

27 isn't going to wait. here's to living up the last of my youth! xo.

photo by Jennifer Hogan of Ever Whim Photography from
this amazing wedding feature on grey likes weddings.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

the world is a book

i was born in indiana & now live in ohio.
i took trips with my parents to colorado & florida.
i've seen phoenix, nashville, omaha, new york city, hilton head & chicago.
i've been in new orleans & a few cities in the northeast, but only for a few hours.
but they'll be time later in life {knock on wood} to visit the rest of the usa.
outside of the usa i've only been to st. lucia {our honeymoon}.

i've made it clear to the husband -
prior to starting a family, we will be going overseas for a 7+ day vacation.
he's already been to italy, greece & turkey.
clearly, all signs point to a trip to portugal, spain & france.
husband is pushing for australia.

regardless if its europe: castles, wine & architecture
or australia: the outback & coral reefs.
let's just go while we're young & beautiful.

photo via bippityboppityboo