Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{more} happiness {the beginning}

as I mentioned before, i'm terrified to turn 27.
to me, 27 means that it's time to be accomplished & fulfilled.
i'll be turning 27 in 17 days.

i am happily married & live in a perfect little ranch house.
i {we} have nice cars & good friends, inherited a boat, don't work weekends,
have money in the bank & some left over that I spend regularly at target.
i am blessed.

but some days i find myself dragging & a tiny bit unsatisfied.
why, i don't know. i cannot put my finger on it. & it bothers me so.

what i do know is that i want to be happier {more fulfilled} in my daily life.
& it's time to make it happen.

on our vacation i read the happiness project. & i'm starting my own.
i'm starting july 1st & considering it my birthday present to myself.
it's time to find/work on/do things that make me happy.

monthly i'll be documenting my resolutions & updating my progress here.
{in addition to my regular blogging}
i do hope that you'll follow along.
here's to finding {more} happiness!

photo via: amanda wilcher

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a weekend of sunshine, freedom & flowers

this weekend, for the first time in more than a month & a half,
chris & i will be home for the entire weekend.
at first i wondered what we would do.
& then i realized we already have plans.
good plans.
friday i'll inevitably stop at the store to restock our fridge.
& i always love to pick up fresh flowers to enjoy over the weekend.
i'll head to my office & work on a calligraphy order til chris comes home.
if all goes according to plan, he'll cook me dinner & we'll enjoy a glass of wine.

saturday we'll take our boat out on a nearby lake & soak up the sun.
we'll enjoy a few beers and float freely for a few hours or anchor out.
we're happy either way.
we might even have a few friends join in the fun!
saturday night will be spent with old & new friends celebrating a birthday.

and sunday. sunday will be heavenly.
if i'm lucky we'll go to panera or dunkin donuts & target before
chris attempts to get in a round of golf.
& i'll do some reading, calligraphy & lounge in my sweatpants.
chris will cook dinner, i'll have some wine & then we'll cuddle.
what a perfect weekend. filled with sunshine, freedom, flowers
& so much more.

Tricia Foley for The New General Store via you are my fave

Friday, June 17, 2011

the day before my mom's wedding

chris & i are headed to indiana today!
saturday we'll be taking part in a very special wedding.
my mom's!
my mom is a giddy little school girl at this point
& quite ready for the big day.
after all, she has 3 dresses to wear {pictures, ceremony & reception},
a country club reception & a forecast of rain on her wedding day {good luck}
to look forward to!

most of all she is excited to tie the knot with a really sweet guy
that she met at the lake through her realtor in 2009.

chris & i couldn't be more happier for her.
we know firsthand that there is no cozier combination
than man & wife.

congrats mommy! i love you & am so happy for you.
p.s. my matron of honor speech is pretty fabulous. just wait.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer checkist

summer is officially here!
we started celebrating a few weeks ago, with a camping & boating trip
& spent memorial day weekend at the lake boating, boozing & schmoozing.
& just returned from florida after our first summer vacay of the year.
is it just me or is summer slipping by too quickly already!?

here's what i'm setting out to accomplish before the chill of fall arrives:
1. attend country concerts.
2. put my happiness project in motion*.
3. go boating often.
4. continue the book reading spree i've been on.
5. never say "its too hot" as winter will be here soon enough.

6. focus on the simple pleasures in life.
7. attend a festival/carnival. eat funnel cake.
8. ride alongside my husband for a round of golf.
9. work out. even if it means getting up a half hour earlier.
10. drink more water.
11. do whatever it takes to hang out with our friends more often.
12. donate old summer clothes from 2002-2005 that i will never fit into again.
14. finish multiple DIY projects we attempted to start in the spring.
15. appreciate how good the summer sun rays feel!

cheers to summer!

* coming soon to this very blog!
p.s. i am happy to say that i have accomplished most of my winter 2011 to do list and spring 2011 to do list! high fives!
p.p.s. photo via bippityboppityboo on tumblr

Friday, June 3, 2011

pcb 8 years later

june. already.
not that i'm complaining.
just getting a little concerned that summer is already slipping away.
that's a different story for a different day.

right now its time to live in the present & enjoy a frozen cocktail.
we're off to the sunshine state for a multitude of days.
a little vitamin d & time spent on the beach with friends.
you know, partaking in the good stuff in life.

i will say that I hope this trip to PCB florida is a little tamer than my last...
freshman year spring break. oh my.
what innaoropriate but fond memories i have of that trip.
that too is a different story for a different day.
a story that my future children should never hear.

its my hope that this trip will provide a little more relaxation.
a few moments to read a chapter or two of a book at the beach.
just the right daily intake of alcohol and greasy food.
not a single tan line out of place.
long walks on the beach, multiple times a day.

& god forbid there would be any 'bacardi o.'
had a little too much last time in PCB.
still can't stand the smell/taste 8 years later.