Thursday, June 23, 2011

a weekend of sunshine, freedom & flowers

this weekend, for the first time in more than a month & a half,
chris & i will be home for the entire weekend.
at first i wondered what we would do.
& then i realized we already have plans.
good plans.
friday i'll inevitably stop at the store to restock our fridge.
& i always love to pick up fresh flowers to enjoy over the weekend.
i'll head to my office & work on a calligraphy order til chris comes home.
if all goes according to plan, he'll cook me dinner & we'll enjoy a glass of wine.

saturday we'll take our boat out on a nearby lake & soak up the sun.
we'll enjoy a few beers and float freely for a few hours or anchor out.
we're happy either way.
we might even have a few friends join in the fun!
saturday night will be spent with old & new friends celebrating a birthday.

and sunday. sunday will be heavenly.
if i'm lucky we'll go to panera or dunkin donuts & target before
chris attempts to get in a round of golf.
& i'll do some reading, calligraphy & lounge in my sweatpants.
chris will cook dinner, i'll have some wine & then we'll cuddle.
what a perfect weekend. filled with sunshine, freedom, flowers
& so much more.

Tricia Foley for The New General Store via you are my fave

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  1. this sounds like a weekend dreams are made of...

    we just had Rob's first weekend off since April 16th... it was a beautiful thing.