Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bring your own sunshine

oh hi there. happy 2012!
the past 6 months have literally flown by.
i suppose that's what happens when a 7 mo. old puppy is romping around your house.
but he makes me happy. so happy. so that's ok with me.

but now that we're a few days into 2012,
it's time for me to finally make good on my intentions in this post &
start my own happiness project.

for the month of january i'll be focusing on my attitude w/ these three goals:
1. positive words lead to a positive attitude. {stop being negative}
2. be easy to please at work & at home. {go with the flow}
3. breathe. {think twice before venting to others/facebook/twitter}

i've been tracking my progress so far. it's amazing what a little challenge can do.
i am much more aware of my attitude than ever before.
i can feel the change already. the shift towards the positive.
a brighter outlook. {more sunshine}
a lighter feeling.

photo via bippityboppityboo