Thursday, June 7, 2012


i spent an hour or so the other night cleaning out our junk drawer. 
it had gotten to be a disaster. a 2x3 disaster. 
chargers, batteries, pens, rubber bands, take out menus & other usual suspects. 
along with golf tees, sunscreen tubes, cameras and medication for our puppy. 
something had to be done. the drawer would barely close.

so, i buckled down. 
i took everything out & sorted through the randomness. 
some things were trashed, some stored elsewhere {where they should have been}
& some put back in the drawer itself. 
at the end of the hour, an organized masterpiece. 

i was happy while cleaning out that drawer. 
seeing the bottom of the drawer & the rubber bands in one place 
made me sigh with contentment. 
i never would have thought i would have gotten so much satisfaction 
from cleaning out a junk drawer. 

more of this needs to happen in my daily life. 
more cleaning, more decluttering, more sorting & more organizing. 
not necessarily in large chunks. no. 2x3 sections will do just fine.