Saturday, April 28, 2012

knock knock

oh hi there. it's been a while.

tonight the husband is out of town & its raining outside.
so, naturally, i'm curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine & the pup has a bone.

i'm trying to really think back on what i did during the month of march.
it all seems like such a distant memory, perhaps since may is almost here.
i know i ate a lot of frozen yogurt. with gummy bears. that i know.
i actually didn't drink that much wine. which shocked even myself.
we went on a lot of walks with our puppy soaking up the warm march weather.
we saw the hunger games movie & spent almost every weekend with friends.
i've golfed (aka driven the cart) w/ chris a few times & even hit a few balls.

april brought more of the same.
lots of friends. lots of laughs. less wine. more golf. lots of walks with the pup.
it'll be capped off with a day trip to keeneland & finally seeing eric church in concert.
may brings a trip to nashville with my girlfriends & a trip to NYC with my mom.
all within the first 13 days.
it's interesting how fast the months have come and gone this year.
a new month knocks at the front door & slips out the back before i can blink.
i suppose that's a good thing. i suppose its what happens when one is happy.
not that i wasn't necessarily happy before. but now, for some reason, i can feel it.

perhaps its the louder knocking.
but i'd like to think of it as my willingness to hear the knocking.
having known that i've taken the current month for all its worth
& am ready to see what the next brings.

more happiness. more friends. more laughter.
more family. more plans. more living.