Wednesday, August 25, 2010

on being free

lately i've been thinking a lot about being free.
free from the corporate gauntlet.
free from the landscape of the midwest & the months of january - march.
free from the fear of not living everyday to its fullest.
free from the fear of getting old.
free from the need to budget instead of freely spending.
free from the negativity of the world.
but you don't really choose your life & you can't really just get up and fly away.
it would, however, be nice to jet off in a vespa for a few days.
to a new & uncharted territory.

to see napa valley in the fall.
to enjoy some really good wine & stay at a bed and breakfast.
to soak up the evening sun in a perfectly put together outfit with my husband
while enjoying even more wine. and a good book. sans a laptop or blackberry.
is that too much to ask?

if being free is not to have wings, but to have two wheels -
where would you go?

vespa via its mary ruffle via timzou

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cheeky on the beach

chris captured this picture of me on a recent trip to destin, florida.
we were eating dinner at a seafood restaurant {w/ frosty beverages}.
and overlooking the sand volleyball courts and the beach.
it's funny to think how different life would be on the beach vs. in the city.
strands of wispy hair and little to no makeup are welcome on the beach.
so are bright colors, flip flops and frosty beverages garnished with umbrellas.
i might as well call the city the suburbs as that's where we're living now.
it requires looooong commutes into the city to work in a corporate office.
where white button-ups are all too often paired with grey or black pants.
and the only suitable beverage available is coffee.
which often is the only reason that i make it thru the day.
the grass is always greener, isn't it?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

july 16th, 2010

chris & i went to hilton head earlier this summer.
our trip just happened to fall over my birthday.
we went out that night. with our friends to the harbour.
i wore my favorite coral dress.
and we had the most delicious steak dinner
with a round of champagne and chocolate cake to top it off.
it wasn't ice cream cake, but it was just as good i suppose.
after dinner we wandered around the marina.
we stopped when we heard a musician singing journey
and other oldies but goodies.
so we grabbed a couple of coronas, with limes, and sang along.
it was a happy happy birthday.