Wednesday, June 30, 2010

mailbox goodness

we bought a house 410 days ago.
naturally i felt the need to subscribe to a home decor magazine from that point on.
i subscribed to house beautiful. i received this issue on 01.05.10.
i still haven't read it. i just haven't had the time.

we’re travelling up to the lake this weekend.
maybe i’ll read it during the 4 hour ride in the passenger seat.
chris teases me that i’m always on my blackberry during the drive.
actually he teases me about being on it all the time. i don't blame him.

it's hard to remember how we survived on long drives before smart phones.
when i was a kid i would play on my game boy until the batteries died.
then i’d delve into a good book. the boxcar children or babysitters club were always good ones.
or force my mom into playing “i spy an word starting with A {B, C, D, etc} on a billboard” game.
{confession: we played that game during the Christmas pilgrimage of 2008.}
and sometimes i would look out the window and just enjoy the scenery & the drive.

and i know that it's cheesy, but life does go by so fast. one minute it's game boys and cd players.
the next it's blackberrys, ipods and portable dvd players.
maybe it’s time to take my eyes off the blackberry and save the magazine for another day.
and just enjoy the drive again.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my daddy

two years ago today my dad passed away suddenly and quite tragically.
i miss him and think about him everyday.

he was the best advice giver.
i got my neat handwriting {calligraphy skills} from him.
i could always hear him smile over the phone when i called.
the best memories i have of him & i are from father/daughter camping trips.
he loved to-do lists and was an avid "laker."
he made the best margaritas. it's true. he got an award for them.
he was so proud of my success in sports & was always there to cheer me on.
he came to visit me at college every chance he had.
he was the best dad ever.
i suppose that it didn't hurt that he had the best daughter ever.

i promise this little blog will mostly be about the good and happy times.
but this day {june 29th} will always be a "bad day" in my calendar of life.
so will every father's day. it's all just too sad.
but sometimes you have to remember the bad days in life.
to realize how good you had it back in the day.


Monday, June 28, 2010

back to business as usual

this weekend was a different one for Chris and I. we had no plans.
saturday afternoon the two of us took our speedboat out on Caesar Creek.
we cruised around, had a few beers and anchored out in the sun while listening to the USA play for the world cup thru the static of our radio. i'm not a huge soccer fan, but i'll cheer for the USA whenever i can.

we chatted about friends, family and our life goals.
{mine, specifically, is how i can work 20 hours a week and make six figures. one day i will.}
the clouds came and it started to sprinkle. but it was a perfect afternoon all the same.
while we were on the boat we received a call that our new couch was in & ready for pick-up.
it has a chaise, so its perfect for cuddling. i would have jetted off to pick it up right then, but chris made me wait til Sunday.
it's fully assembled & we are in the process of breaking it in. rest assured, it's quite fantastic.

saturday night chris and i headed to hollywood casino, in hopes of winning big.
we didn't. so it's back to business as usual.

Friday, June 25, 2010

no classes on friday

i had just scheduled all of my classes for my junior year of college.
i finagled no classes on friday. none at all.
when i told my mom, she was legitimately concerned that i didn't have any friday classes.
because she thought i would be bored. ha.
i filled those friday's by sleeping in until noon {recovering from the night before}
and trips to the mall, naturally.
wouldn't it be nice to not have to work fridays?
life would be so much better with three day weekends.
now a days, at the ripe old age of 25,
my college girlfriends and i aren't going out on the town on thursday nights...
so i would have more time to appreciate & live life instead of sleeping it off.

happy friday!
image via its mary ruffle

Monday, June 21, 2010

interstate 74

for three years {2 years dating & 1 year engagment}
chris & i spent many hours and many miles on i-74.
i can't say that i miss that commute/drive from indy to see him in cincinnati and then back.
i don't even want to think how many times i made that trip or how much money i spent on gas.
but it was worth it for all of those years.

we still take that drive from cincinnati to indy to visit friends & my alma mater.
but we drive it together now. so i don't mind it as much.

the picture above is from 01.01.2010. tomorrow the high will be 90.
i can stand the winter frost for a few months. it's good for cuddling.
but i much prefer temperatures above 65 degrees.

and i very much prefer to be in the same city as chris. let's keep it that way.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

tied the knot and lucky in love. lucky knot.

jessica lynn & christopher joseph.
tied the knot in 2008. and lucky in love.
lucky knot.

i started this little blog {not that i don't already have a few} to document as many little tidbits of our lives together as i can. i know all too well that memories fade too quickly and all too often the stories get left untold.

and i don't want that to happen to us.

so here's a little tidbit of our lives. together. in a lucky little knot.