Monday, June 21, 2010

interstate 74

for three years {2 years dating & 1 year engagment}
chris & i spent many hours and many miles on i-74.
i can't say that i miss that commute/drive from indy to see him in cincinnati and then back.
i don't even want to think how many times i made that trip or how much money i spent on gas.
but it was worth it for all of those years.

we still take that drive from cincinnati to indy to visit friends & my alma mater.
but we drive it together now. so i don't mind it as much.

the picture above is from 01.01.2010. tomorrow the high will be 90.
i can stand the winter frost for a few months. it's good for cuddling.
but i much prefer temperatures above 65 degrees.

and i very much prefer to be in the same city as chris. let's keep it that way.

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  1. Definitely meant to tell you that my BFF lives in Cincy. And, she's a DG.