Wednesday, June 30, 2010

mailbox goodness

we bought a house 410 days ago.
naturally i felt the need to subscribe to a home decor magazine from that point on.
i subscribed to house beautiful. i received this issue on 01.05.10.
i still haven't read it. i just haven't had the time.

we’re travelling up to the lake this weekend.
maybe i’ll read it during the 4 hour ride in the passenger seat.
chris teases me that i’m always on my blackberry during the drive.
actually he teases me about being on it all the time. i don't blame him.

it's hard to remember how we survived on long drives before smart phones.
when i was a kid i would play on my game boy until the batteries died.
then i’d delve into a good book. the boxcar children or babysitters club were always good ones.
or force my mom into playing “i spy an word starting with A {B, C, D, etc} on a billboard” game.
{confession: we played that game during the Christmas pilgrimage of 2008.}
and sometimes i would look out the window and just enjoy the scenery & the drive.

and i know that it's cheesy, but life does go by so fast. one minute it's game boys and cd players.
the next it's blackberrys, ipods and portable dvd players.
maybe it’s time to take my eyes off the blackberry and save the magazine for another day.
and just enjoy the drive again.

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  1. I have a subscription to Runner's World that I got for running the half-marathon in STL last year. And, I still get it. Do I read it? Definitely not. But I feel like I always need to keep a few copies around the house? So weird.