Monday, June 28, 2010

back to business as usual

this weekend was a different one for Chris and I. we had no plans.
saturday afternoon the two of us took our speedboat out on Caesar Creek.
we cruised around, had a few beers and anchored out in the sun while listening to the USA play for the world cup thru the static of our radio. i'm not a huge soccer fan, but i'll cheer for the USA whenever i can.

we chatted about friends, family and our life goals.
{mine, specifically, is how i can work 20 hours a week and make six figures. one day i will.}
the clouds came and it started to sprinkle. but it was a perfect afternoon all the same.
while we were on the boat we received a call that our new couch was in & ready for pick-up.
it has a chaise, so its perfect for cuddling. i would have jetted off to pick it up right then, but chris made me wait til Sunday.
it's fully assembled & we are in the process of breaking it in. rest assured, it's quite fantastic.

saturday night chris and i headed to hollywood casino, in hopes of winning big.
we didn't. so it's back to business as usual.

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