Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my daddy

two years ago today my dad passed away suddenly and quite tragically.
i miss him and think about him everyday.

he was the best advice giver.
i got my neat handwriting {calligraphy skills} from him.
i could always hear him smile over the phone when i called.
the best memories i have of him & i are from father/daughter camping trips.
he loved to-do lists and was an avid "laker."
he made the best margaritas. it's true. he got an award for them.
he was so proud of my success in sports & was always there to cheer me on.
he came to visit me at college every chance he had.
he was the best dad ever.
i suppose that it didn't hurt that he had the best daughter ever.

i promise this little blog will mostly be about the good and happy times.
but this day {june 29th} will always be a "bad day" in my calendar of life.
so will every father's day. it's all just too sad.
but sometimes you have to remember the bad days in life.
to realize how good you had it back in the day.



  1. Oh Jessica, I am so, so sorry that we have to relive these moments every year. Such a blessing to be able to look back at a life full of love, family, and happiness.


  2. You're family has been in my prayers this week as they are every time at this year. Love ya girl.