Thursday, June 7, 2012


i spent an hour or so the other night cleaning out our junk drawer. 
it had gotten to be a disaster. a 2x3 disaster. 
chargers, batteries, pens, rubber bands, take out menus & other usual suspects. 
along with golf tees, sunscreen tubes, cameras and medication for our puppy. 
something had to be done. the drawer would barely close.

so, i buckled down. 
i took everything out & sorted through the randomness. 
some things were trashed, some stored elsewhere {where they should have been}
& some put back in the drawer itself. 
at the end of the hour, an organized masterpiece. 

i was happy while cleaning out that drawer. 
seeing the bottom of the drawer & the rubber bands in one place 
made me sigh with contentment. 
i never would have thought i would have gotten so much satisfaction 
from cleaning out a junk drawer. 

more of this needs to happen in my daily life. 
more cleaning, more decluttering, more sorting & more organizing. 
not necessarily in large chunks. no. 2x3 sections will do just fine. 


  1. something i need to do, clean out my junk drawer & the junk in my life!

  2. I love doing little things like that! Makes me feel very accomplished. Our junk drawer is out of control too! I need to get on that.

  3. It's amazing what a little cleaning and organizing can do for you, huh?

  4. Hii! Thank you for the sweet comment. Honestly, if you talk about my sweet little pup, I'm gonna be hooked! Ha! So Leiws is a Cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle) but does have so many similarities to a golden doodle! He just has the best personality, doesn't shed, is so soft and is just around a great, playful dog! I love the breed! He is just the best!

  5. I feel the EXACT same way! I think half the stress and craziness in my life comes from clutter right now.

    I do have a junk drawer that needs cleaned out right now so if you need a little more satisfaction in life you are more than welcome to come over and clean it out! :-) Oh and you must bring Sampson so that I can play with him while you tackle the junk drawer! lol