Tuesday, September 13, 2011

puppy class

yesterday sampson started an 8 week puppy obedience class.
& i have to brag, for a second.
because sampson is clearly the smartest puppy in the class.
{the smartest out of a total of 3 dogs, but that's beside the point}

the instructor noticed right away that he could already:
walk properly on a leash, sit & recognize his name.
to say that i was basking in the compliment would be an understatement.
proud momma.
there's really no point to this blog post.
other than to brag about my puppy. i just can't help it.
sure, he has his moments. but, to be honest, he's pretty much the perfect pup.
for example, as i type this {while finishing my glass of wine @ 11pm}
he's snuggled atop a pile of his daddy's clothes on the bedroom floor.
he hasn't moved an inch or made a peep in the last hour and a half.
neither has his daddy, who is snuggled up next to him.

they are both so precious there on the bedroom floor.
well behaved and snuggly, just the way i like them.

picture above is of sampson on the bed in our guest room at some point in august.
he has since doubled in size.
so there's that.


  1. OMG!!! i love you puppy! it soo cute n i believe u can be a great friends to them:)

  2. Sampson is SOOOO cute! What a darling baby!

  3. ooo my sampson is SOOO CUTE... I got your email today so HAD to come check you out before replying... So glad you found my blog!! NEW FOLLOWER!!!