Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 things to do this spring

i put together a pretty killer to-do list for this past winter.
i achieved roughly 7.5 out of 15 of them.
let's see if i can do any better this spring. 15 more.

1. help my mom plan her upcoming summer wedding!
2. resist the urge to buy 14 new swimsuits this season.
3. continue my streak of working out {a whole} three times a week.
4. read a book, on a blanket, under the shade of a tree.
5. plant flowers in our garden that i can cut & bring indoors.

6. drive to/from work with the windows down & enjoy the fresh air.
7. flawlessly execute the plans that are in motion for husbands 30th birthday.
8. cheer on the butler bulldogs & uc bearcats in the ncaa tournament!
9. grow my calligraphy business by offering a new product, perhaps.
10. eat at more local restaurants instead of the larger chains.
11. continue to take pride in my appearance.
12. send more handwritten correspondence.
13. as it gets warmer, wear more dresses.
14. turn off the tv & enjoy the nice evenings outside. with a glass of wine.
15. donate winter clothes not worn in 2+ years to charity before next winter.


  1. Love this list, I think I'm going to challenge myself to follow suit.

  2. Great list! I need to do something similar!

  3. Also, forgot to mention congrats to your mom! So happy she was able to find love again!

  4. Oh I didn't realize your mom was engaged! Congrats to her! That will be fun to plan! :) Great list, good luck!!

  5. i'm stealing two ideas 1. tv off & more nights outside 2. eating at more local restaurants! love it!

  6. I totally need to make a list like this! Good luck!!!

  7. Wow, your mom is getting married! How do you feel about that? Perhaps too much to put out there in the blogging world...but sharing the same emotions of a fathers passing, and also having parents who were married for decades, how has it been for you?

    On a different note...as usual, I just love your writing style Jessica Lynn!! Perhaps you'll blog more often, cause I sure do love reading : )

    PS - I came to your blog today to see if maybe there was a post on a baby? ; )