Thursday, January 6, 2011

this year: turning twenty-seven

something really odd happened today after it started to sink in that it's 2011.
i realized that this is the year that i turn 27.
and i had a mild panic attack.

twenty. seven. already!? for some reason i imagined that i would be so much more {something} by 27.

more sophisticated.
more in love with my career.
more into lipstick... & less into sweatpants.
more ready to be a mother.
more able to cook.
more into politics.

i am honestly terrified to turn 27 in july as i always equated 27 with "old."
i have 6ish months until the big day & i'll be living up the rest of my youth by:

continuing to shop @ forever 21. banana republic can wait.
working for the weekend at my day job. ceo status can wait.
wearing chap stick & sweatpants. lipstick & frilly dresses can wait.
appreciating my freedom. children will {god-willing} come along. later.
enjoying my husband's cooking. let's be honest - i'll never be as good as he is.
& watching bravo tv instead of c-span/cnn/fox news. politics can wait.

27 isn't going to wait. here's to living up the last of my youth! xo.

photo by Jennifer Hogan of Ever Whim Photography from
this amazing wedding feature on grey likes weddings.


  1. OH MY GOSH!! I just turned 27 in december and I about had a heartattack. Seriously for some reason I was freaked out about the number 27. I seriously was freakin!!! I feel older, but i feel like I am not where I should be in life, like you say.
    I wear sweatpants and chapstick far more than dresses and heels. I am so with you on it all.
    It still weirds me out that I say I am 27!!

  2. Honey, I turn 28 this year and I think I will stick with living up my youth for as long as I can! Like you said, all those other things can wait. We have the rest of our lives to be more mature and grown up so take advantage!! lol

  3. I'm turning 27 this year too and it's scary!!! I feel like time is just going too crazy fast!

  4. Whenever I get nervous about getting old I think of cool people like Betty White or my Grandma who are seriously cooler and more full of life than any 20 something year old that I know . haha Oh, I'm a July baby too.. woohoooo!

  5. Girl I gave you an award over at my blog!! No pressure to post on it, I just wanted to let you know! :)

    PS - You are only as old as you feel. And 27 is NOT old silly!!!

  6. ps. left you something on my blog

  7. omg... i just turned 30.... i wish i was 27 again!!!

  8. I have concluded that any age after about 22 is TOO OLD! Boooo. Lol!