Sunday, January 2, 2011

the world is a book

i was born in indiana & now live in ohio.
i took trips with my parents to colorado & florida.
i've seen phoenix, nashville, omaha, new york city, hilton head & chicago.
i've been in new orleans & a few cities in the northeast, but only for a few hours.
but they'll be time later in life {knock on wood} to visit the rest of the usa.
outside of the usa i've only been to st. lucia {our honeymoon}.

i've made it clear to the husband -
prior to starting a family, we will be going overseas for a 7+ day vacation.
he's already been to italy, greece & turkey.
clearly, all signs point to a trip to portugal, spain & france.
husband is pushing for australia.

regardless if its europe: castles, wine & architecture
or australia: the outback & coral reefs.
let's just go while we're young & beautiful.

photo via bippityboppityboo


  1. i totally agree. go while you can afford it and dont have kids. i tell hubby that all the time too...once the little ones enter our lives, we wont be doing things like that for a long time.
    ive been to europe and all i have to say is it is amazing!!! austria and germany were beautiful. but italy was my favorite place :)

  2. i think any of those places sound perfect! take me with you?

  3. Travel is something super important to me. I think taking a vacation overseas is something everyone should do in their life! Can't wait to hear about your travels in the future!

  4. So Jacki is in Germany but she's only an hour away from the France border. You should plan a trip to visit her, she'd be a great tour guide, she has a car and a place to stay. She's also not that far away from some german castles. We're planning on going in September 2012 for October fest in Munich and maybe sky diving over the alps.

  5. I have to agree with your hubby! GO TO AUSTRALIA!!!! Oh my goodness it is so gorgeous! If you decide on Australia and if possible try to stop in New Zealand while out there. Also gorgeous!

  6. That sounds perfect. I want to do the same-- travel the world while we're still young and kid-less. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Yours is adorable.

  7. Just found your blog, it's so cute! And I agree, travel is so important for me to do!