Tuesday, October 5, 2010

each star in the sky

they say that before you get engaged there are a few things you must do.
1. drop hints on what the perfect engagement ring looks like.
2. start planning your wedding.
3. take a vacation/trip together.

ok so 1 & 2 are just things that i did before i was engaged.
i totally recommend each.
but "experts" only recommend #3, taking a vacay together.
so chris and i, in the spring of 2007 took a little vacay to nyc together.

we stayed at hudson hotel & marveled over its library & private park.
we breezed thru central park and the museum of natural science & history.
we took in times square @ 5am on our way to see rascal flatts on GMA.
we saw the statute of liberty, ellis island and ground zero.
& overlooked the city of lights from the empire state building.
&, naturally, we scarfed down nyc hot dogs, bagels and slice of pizza.
along with $14 cocktails and an outstanding dinner at tavern on the green.

i still can't put my finger on my favorite memory from that trip.
perhaps it was taking in the rascal flatts concert 5 feet from the stage.
or dinner at tavern on the green under lanterns dripping from the trees.
but there was lots and lots of hand holding on that trip.
& that's what i remember the most. & that's what i loved the most.

most importantly, our relationship survived the trip.
which meant we had surpassed our last relationship hurdle.
& getting engaged was soon to come.
i was ready when we were under the twinkling lights @ tavern on the green.
but, as you'll see, he had something else in mind.


  1. i love how you write on your photos you post. how do you do that? lol silly question i know.

  2. Yes. After I finished crying after looking at the pix you posted, I have to say that the hand holding is absolutely the BEST thing to have in a relationship. It never gets old and it never goes unappreciated.

  3. I love New York City! Sounds like that was a fabulous trip! Great photo!

  4. Sounds like a perfectly romantic, pre-engagement trip! I have never heard of doing that, but I may have to suggest it to my bf :) Any excuse to travel works for me!

  5. Aww, isn't New York amazing? I can't wait to visit there with my husband someday.