Saturday, October 30, 2010

pumpkin patch & other fall activities

the other weekend we went to a pumpkin patch.
because, you know, having a pumpkin on our porch in fall is mandatory.
see the results of the fall makeover we gave our porch right here.

it's already late {late} october & fall seems to be slipping thru my fingers.
like decorating our front porch there are other mandatory fall activities
that i gladly partake in at this time of year.

carving said pumpkins.
lighting carmel apple, pumpkin and/or spiced cider candles.
admiring the red, yellow and orange leaves that appear on the trees.
giddily incorporating hooded sweatshirts back into my wardrobe.
watching football saturday & sunday.
sprinkling the house with halloween & fall decor {from target, naturally}.
breathing in the fresh air & soaking in the crisp breeze.
purchasing candy for little trick or treaters.
browsing the halloween aisle at target.
relaxing around the firepit at night with a glass of wine.
making the switch from white zin to cabernet or shiraz.
taking in a haunted house. or three.
painting my nails a deep shade of burgundy.
rediscovering my love for scarves & wearing one everyday.

dear fall,
stay a little longer.
i still have a few things to accomplish before winter gets here.
& plus, i like you way more than winter. who doesn't? xo, jl


  1. Your fall posts combined with Kristen's make me like Halloween a little more, just a little :)

  2. in loooove with that picture you took! and i'm totally with you in on wishing for fall to stick around a little longer.