Monday, October 25, 2010

our fall front porch

this year we finally got around to sprucing up the outside of our house.
in the spring we hauled out three bushes that were complete eye sores
& put in three knockout roses, lavender, coreopsis & purple loosestrife.
some of which might or might not have made it through the summer.

however, that's neither here nor there, because fall is here!
chris & i went a little crazy one weekend and told our porch to thank us later.
cornstalks, orange & white pumpkins, hay & an abundance of mums.
not to mention a cayenne orange welcome mat.


  1. Love it! We are so behind in our fall decorating. Hoping to head to the pumpkin patch this weekend and fix that! :)

  2. beautiful! i love the abundance of pumpkins & mums.

  3. I love your front porch!! I wish I had a porch...... sigh. I love your blogs, btw. I can't stop pouring through them!

  4. Well aren't you festive! Putting me to shame...I'm impressed

  5. Oh my gosh!! I'm in love with your blog!! And come to Texas - our Fall JUST STARTED!! :)

  6. Nice work babe! It must soon go but hey christmas is fun too, just not as much as fall. Time to put me to work. :)