Monday, September 27, 2010

two years

two years ago today, i woke up on the morning of our wedding.
friends & family gathered in indianapolis.
hair & make-up was done with assistance of champagne.
dresses & tuxes were donned along with lots of smiles & laughter.

we had our fist look at 10:45am. it was surreal.
we sat by ourselves for a few precious moments,
sipping champagne, admiring eachother & what would soon transpire.
a ambush of photos with our {gorgeous} wedding party followed.

we savored a few more short moments together before heading to the church.
our guests were seated & one by one my bridesmaids walked up the aisle.
my adorable nephews ushered my neices/flowergirls up the aisle before me.
& at 1:38pm i walked up the long aisle to marry my best friend.

the ceremony was short but sweet.
sprinkled with meaning and filled with love & support. and a few tears too.
more importantly, we were pronounced husband & wife.
by the way, the kiss was perfect. just like we had practiced.
more pictures followed.

our bridal party held an epic {vip only} pre-reception party in our suite.
the reception began & we were introduced as mr. & mrs.
a gorgeous cake was cut. & a slice shoved in my face.
we swayed to our first dance song, by rascal flatts, from the concert we met at.
there were touching toasts & hugs all around.
&, lest we not forget, men drinking beer out of centerpiece vases.
the reception was quite a blur. as a matter of fact, so was the entire day.
but it too, was epic. i don't think we stopped smiling.

so here i sit. two years later. still lucky in love. and still smiling.

the lyrics from our first dance were just as true then as they are today.
in your eyes i see forever. makes me wish my life never knew the day before you.
now you're here & everything's changing. suddenly life means so much.
i can't wait to wake up tomorrow & find out this promise is true...
i will never have to go back to the day before you. - rascal flatts.

i love you, c. xoxo, j.
photo via: nicole green


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! :) and to many many more
    a little tid bit, seeing your wedding photos (when you had the blog leading up to the wedding) your purple shoes inspired me to have my pink shoes :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like the perfect day! And I LOVE Rascal Flatts ~ That picture is adorable!

  3. Ahhh SO sweet! I seriously can't believe it's been two years already! Wishing you and Chris many, many more! : )

  4. ahhh love love love that song! i have been trying to find it on itunes and i can't! do you have it or know where i can get it? my only option was through!

  5. I just found your site from your comment on mine. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing your love story! Definitely made my day. Thanks Jessica!

  6. This is adorable!! And so sweetly written :) Happy Anni to you my darling xo

  7. Such a sweet post! Sounds like a wonderful day! Love the shoe picture too!

  8. Happy belated Anniversary! Married life is the best!

  9. This post is precious. So glad you came to my blog so I could come find yours :) Love it, and so excited to keep reading.

  10. This is so sweet :) and we got married almost on the same date! How cool is that? XO

  11. love you baby, can't wait for the next fire pit night. xoxo bubby