Thursday, April 14, 2011


there are times where one has to pause for a hot second
& remember that there are only a few important things in life.

in the end, working that extra hour won't matter.

neither will the time spent fretting about the appearance of gray hairs.
all of the hours spent watching shows on bravo won't do you any good either.

conversation over coffee & breakfast on a sunday morning. important.
its when you talk about the upcoming week with sprinkles of hopes & dreams.
weekend breakfast/lunch & dinner convos are my favorite.
put down the blackberry. turn off the tv. engage.

sharing {& indulging} in each other's interests. important.
for my husband this means going to target with me. every weekend.
for me, it's letting the husband golf often & gamble occasionally.
hence, vegas & why i'm going to join him on the links this summer.
play together you stay together.

helping others. important.
everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle.
be kind. hold your tongue. help. give. smile. love.

spend time with family. important.
hence making sure chris' family was invited {& came!} to vegas.
hence taking some vacation days to help my mom plan her june wedding.
and address her invitation envelopes. and write a moh speech.
love. express your love. spend time together. take pictures.

make new friends but keep the old. important.
i have 7 close friends.
you know, the ones that come to your dad's funeral no matter the distance.
the ones that you can always pick-up with right where you left off.
the ones that mean more than they know. call, text, twitter. keep up.

few things matter in the end.
here's to hoping that i continue to realize what they are.
and work towards making the things that matter...matter.

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  1. love this post. it totally puts life in perspective. it definitely made me think this morning that family and friends are what truly matter...not the top paying job, etc.
    your posts always make me think :) i love it!!