Monday, April 11, 2011

a 30th. celebrated.

within the last few years one thing has be come apparent to me.
life is short but sweet for certain.

in thinking about my husband's 30th i knew i wanted to celebrate.
more importantly celebrate him, his life & everything he loves.
which are, in no order: me, family, friends, gambling, captain & sprite.
so, i planned a surprise 4-day trip for his birthday.

on the day of our departure, we arrived at the airport.
he still had no idea where we were headed {except that it might be warm}!
i led him aimlessly around the airport, before letting him know
that we were headed for vegas! as we walked to our gate, each with a huge grin on our face,
his childhood friend & girlfriend appeared & told him they were coming too!
we made it to the hotel {caesars!} in vegas & proceeded to live it up.
later that night, after several drinks, another surprise came:
his whole family appeared from behind him at the roulette table.
and that wasn't all. four more of our friends {old & new} followed hours later.
all in all, 16 people flew to vegas to celebrate his birthday.

the girls spent time by the pool and the guys at the sports book.
we went to a club {vip!} & a delicious steak dinner.
but mainly enjoyed each others company.
even if it was around an electronic roulette table.

it was a short trip, but sweet for certain. time {& money} well spent celebrating someone special. i love you chris.


  1. Wow, that's awesome. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

  2. Awe that is so awesome!!! I got chills reading this cuz it is so sweet. Sounds like a blast!!!! Love that you had so many surprises up you sleeve. :)

  3. what a great idea! my husband's 30th is a little over a year away so i need to get some ideas!

  4. How great! That's so awesome that so many people went!

  5. You totally win wife of the year award!! :) Great gift! Happy Birthday to Chris!! :)

  6. I am the luckiest man on Earth! Thanks baby! Love you too and see you back home soon!