Monday, April 18, 2011

arranged friendships

this weekend we headed to keeneland to celebrate a friend's birthday.
friends are quite spectacular things, aren't they?

i have a few good friends that i hope will stick around.
we've celebrated college graduations, engagements & weddings together
& someday {not any time too soon for me!}, the birth of our children.
as arranged marriages aren't too popular in the States these days.
i'll take an arranged friendship between our child & the child of our friends.

i would hope that they are a dynamic little duo. like batman & superman.
both little superheroes on their own accord but more powerful together.
resulting in lots of adventures & only a few broken bones.
lots of memories & plenty of belly laughs.
more so, a friendship that spans years & years covering graduations, weddings,
& witnessing friendships form between the little superheroes of their own.

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