Sunday, December 12, 2010

pinky swear

saturday night we went to a little christmas festival in a nearby small town.
{it would have been a lovely evening, had it not been pouring rain.}
after a scrumptious dinner accompanied by festive beers
{blue moon's for me & 12 dogs of christmas and a white snow for the husband}
we headed home & had another couple over for a few drinks.

by midnight {five miller lights later} the husband had a temperature of 101.
he's been in bed ever since.
he's been a good little patient today.
only once reminding me that i need to take care of him in sickness & in health.
as i brought him slices of toast & propel i offered to pinky swear him on it.
in sickness & in health. me & you. xo.

photo via: bippityboppityboo


  1. Awww I hope he is feeling better soon!

  2. aww that is cute of him :)
    love the photo too!!

  3. Aww I feel so bad for the guy, what a crappy way to end the weekend. Hope he starts feeling better soon.

  4. that pic is so cute! hope your hubby is feeling better soon!

  5. my hubby had to remove his gallbladder just recently and i totally identify with this post. so sweet!