Monday, December 20, 2010

oh hey december

i know that i'm a little late, but happy december none the less.
earlier this month the husband and i set out to decorate our christmas tree.
we quickly realized that this tree was not one of our finer picks.
it has one trunk that splits into two - so it's crooked no matter how you look at it.
and whomever trimmed it must have been a novice. it's quite thin in parts.
how we didn't spot all of its flaws at the tree lot is beyond either of us.

we felt bad that our pretty ornaments had to go on such a sorry looking tree.
but after the lights went on it and more & more ornaments were added
the tree didn't look as bad. not as pretty as the one in the picture above,
but one might say that its {numerous} flaws give it a little character.

as the "christmas vacation" dvd was ending & the decorating was done
we sat on the couch together in front of the fire & admired our handiwork.
and at that moment, life was good. very good. crooked tree & all.

photo via secret of love


  1. I know what you mean about accidentally buying funny looking Christmas trees!

    We got an artificial one a few years ago and I was SURE that from that year on, it would ALWAYS look awesome. It doesn't. I am hopeless at "fluffing it out" so it looks nice, and there are always giant gaps in it...but it still looks pretty with lights, lol! :)