Tuesday, November 30, 2010

snap. crackle. pop.

it's the end of november. already.
how can this be!? i feel like fall has passed me by & i'm not thrilled about it.
i didn't even get to have a glass of wine outside by the fire pit with Chris!
the smell of a crackling campfire will never grow old on this little soul.

neither will the smell of:
chicken noodle soup. a new magazine. crisp air. fresh flowers.
chris' cologne. the lake. the musk of old family photos. fall scented candles.
baking cupcakes. sharpened pencils. cheetos. hinkle fieldhouse.

& the smell of a memory. when, for a fleeting second,
a scent is inhaled that immediately takes me back to a certain time/place.
my favorite? the smell of my college dorm room right when we moved in.
newly decorated. fresh. young. full of potential.
that smell, that vivid memory, i will never forget.
thank goodness, as it is a time that i cannot relive {as much as i would love to}.

for now, i eagerly await the spring & the weather to stay above freezing.
so that we can once again bring out the fire pit, pull up some chairs,
take in the smell of the crackling fire pit & the memories made around it.

snap. crackle. pop.
photo via from me-to you. love love love.


  1. i love how smells can bring back such vivid memories like that...it's the best.

    ps...i think i read through your entire wedding planning blog when i was planning my wedding. you gave me some great inspiration! i was so excited to see you kept up blogging! :)

  2. smells are def the best part of a season :) fall really did go by so fast for me too this year!

  3. I love the smell of a fire burning. We have a fireplace and it's my favorite thing in the winter months.

  4. So many memories of the fall to remember.Remember the fun of weaving your hair in twisties to join the cheerleading squad for those cool evenings on the Concordia football field...Hi Mom and Dad up in the stands. Are you warm enough? That is my daughter down there..so pretty.

  5. I love the sweet, concise nature of your posts... and the pictures, of course! I relate to all you said here, too... especially the part about smells bringing you back. My favorite is fresh pine (i.e. my Christmas tree!). That scent gives me so much joy! :)