Tuesday, November 16, 2010

more shoes

i have a confession to make.
my husband has more shoes than i do. & that, my friends, is a problem.
it literally pains me to spend money. especially on shoes.
{except for spending money at target, i have no problem doing that.}
now, there are worse problems to have, but this is kind of an embarrassing one.

i have three pairs of standard heels for work {black, brown & tan}.
sperrys for the fall & knock-off uggs from target in the winter.
flip flops for the summer {but those don't really count as shoes}.
cowboy boots for the occasional country concert or trip to nashville
& about 5 pairs of fun heels for nights out on the town.
that's it.

i would love a cute collection of flats like the ones above.
but i can never seem to find the right ones for the right price at the right time.
further, i can never justify the patterned/fun shoes as being practical.
like i said, there are worse problems to have.
i just wish that it was chris that had this problem instead of me.


  1. thats really funny!!! :)
    i totally agree about the patterned/fun shoes though, if there is only one outfit to wear them with i dont buy. they gotta be versatile :)

  2. My husband has more shoes than I do, too. I hear what you mean about how you feel embarrassed..... glad to hear I'm not alone!

  3. My problem is that I buy too many shoes!

  4. I kind of am with you - I also don't spend on shoes like I could, something about parting money for them isn't as fun as for other things :)

  5. I'm in the same boat...I can't justify the high dollar price tags for shoes, no matter how cute they are. And also like you...I wish I could find some super adorable, yet very comfy, and very affordable, pair of flats. Scoring two or three would be fab. But I can't seem to find any that are just what I'm looking for....anywhere. And I'm not a "take a chance" online shopper.