Friday, November 12, 2010

lucky duck wine

i blame it on my maid of honor & the 4.5 years that i lived with her.
i like my glass of wine {or two} at night while relaxing & unwinding.
when it's warm outside, it's white zin. when it's chilly its cabernet or shiraz.

i've been stocking up on the darker reds for the last few months.
my new favorite is the "lucky duck" bottle i found the other weekend.
i haven't uncorked it yet, i just love the label. that's the reason why i bought it.
a cute duck with a little winter hat & some skis?!? sold & sold.
and with a name like lucky duck it's like the bottle was made just for me!
because, you know, i consider myself one little lucky duck.

i have other favorites {mostly based off of how much i like the label/name}
like cupcake, mad housewife, happy camper, 3 blind moose & his fault.
but this lucky duck fully intends to enjoy a little lucky duck wine this weekend.
so from one lucky duck to another, cheers & happy weekend!


  1. I definitely select new wines based on their labels! I will have to try out that Lucky Duck, looks adorable! :)

  2. I am with you on the wine, a glass, or two, a night is just so calming and comforting... and I blame it on my girls as well, although I am sure they blame it on me :)

    I also buy bottles by the label; Cupcake is one of my favorites! But I haven't seen Lucky Duck ~ I will have to look for it while I am at the store today!

  3. i would totally buy wine for the label too :) actually i did for 'bitch' was such a funny name for wine and a pink label, so i had to get it

  4. Well if you ever get to a place in Cincinnati, OH they have everything! From countries, small towns...everything! It's called Jungle Jims.

  5. My attraction to a particular wine is directly proportional to the cuteness of the label. But I can't, no matter how hard I try, like red wine. They say it's an acquired taste, and I guess I just haven't acquired it yet!!

  6. i saw on another blog that you were married in Indy and so since I'm originally from Indiana I had to come say hi!

  7. I LOVE Cupcake wine! It doesn't hurt that cupcakes are my favorite food, but it's actually delish! My dad always gets pissed at me because he's a huge wine fan, and I buy bottles for the cute labels (I bought "French Maid" wine the other night - soooo cute!).

  8. I just tried lucky duck and loved it. I too am a sucker for marketing and bought it because of the label.

    PS it was FOUR DOLLARS at Walmart... WUT? I'll take 8 bottles please!