Friday, March 9, 2012


tomorrow night we're celebrating the 27th birthday of a friend of ours.
my husband's friend's fiancee. {got that?!}

we met in 2007 when my husband & his friend lived together.
she was {is} gorgeous & i was intimidated.
until about 3 years ago when we discovered our shared love for country music.
summer country concerts & trips to nashville {love!} followed.
as did "girl's night out" & dinner dates with the guys.
this past month she asked me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.
she has become one of my close friends.

i always thought that my "close friends" would be the girls from my sorority/college.
those 9 girls mean the world to me.
i was fine {& blessed} with those 9 friends.
and now another has come along.
another girl & i made plans to celebrate her our friend's birthday.
dinner w/ 12 people, drinks at a bar & then hanging out at after.
my husband commented the other day, essentially,
that it's silly to want to get everyone together to celebrate a birthday @ our age.
{unless, of course, it's your 30th & your friends are surprising you in vegas}

i've thought that over for a bit. here are my thoughts:
there are too many scary & lonely times in life.
why not take the chance to celebrate when you can?
celebrate friendships. celebrate anything. celebrate the small things.
just celebrate. together.

so, tomorrow night i'm doing just that.
cheers to new{er} friends, good food, laughter, a night on the town
& a slice of birthday cake!

balloon bench via this pinterest pin from yatzer


  1. Hope you had fun celebrating!! Your pup is SOOO cute by the way!

  2. I'm still here...I'm still reading...I need a blog update : )