Saturday, July 9, 2011

meet sampson

i have always wanted a puppy.
for years on my christmas list to santa i had the same top 2 requests:
1. a dog.
2. a cash register {i am a nerd}.

i never received either from my parents or santa claus.
from the day chris & i started dating, our lives became busy.
traveling to see eachother. traveling to see friends. traveling to see family.
camping. partying at the lake. summer vacations. weekends of non-stop fun.
always on the road & having fun together.

almost 6 years later we're still living the life.
& on july 4th our lives got a whole lot more exciting.
meet sampson. our 8 week old goldendoodle.
the day we picked him up he endured a 3 hour car ride & a petsmart trip.
on day 2 {at 4am} he had mastered the "sit" command.
by day 3 he learned to respond to "sampson, come."
by day 4 he was getting the hang of "go get your ball."
day 5 he endured his first thunderstorm.
day 6 brought his first visit to the vet. he was a champ through it all.

he loves to be held but doesn't love his leash.
he loves to play with his monkey, hedgehog & pheasant.
he devours peanut butter.
he is cute when he plays, sleeps & walks. he is cute all the time.
he has chris & i wrapped around all four of his paws.

he is a perfect little pup.


  1. Aw what a cutie! Congrats! I have a yorkie-poo and IMO anything that's mixed with poodle is wonderful! They're so smart and shed less!

  2. he is so handsome :) congrats to your new little one!

  3. adorable little puppy!! he is so precious. newest follower :-)

  4. How big is he now? I have a friend and our neighbor that have one and one is huge, the other is about the size of a golden retriever. They're adorable :)