Thursday, July 28, 2011


almost two weekends ago my 27th birthday surfaced.
if it sounds like i'm describing a pimple, that's pretty much how i looked at it.
the dreaded 27th birthday.

to be honest, it lived up to it's hype.
my husband golfed all day {not necessarily a bad thing}
& after i dropped him off at the course the back tire on my car blew out.
as in, i could have died.
my little dog & i sat on the shoulder of the interstate for 15 minutes.

the best gift i received was the man who stopped to help me change the tire.
you know, so that my husband didn't have to stop golfing. even though he offered.

the rest of the day was spent running around cincinnati on a 90 degree day
planning & attending someone else's birthday party.
from which i had a hangover from the next day.

now that the day itself has passed, i wish i would have done it differently.
i should have bought myself a present.
ordered a glass of champagne at our friend's party.
wished myself a happy birthday.
celebrated my life myself.

next year, on my birthday, i'm going to do just that.
order myself a cupcake from a local bakery & chase it with a margarita.
celebrating & being thankful for my life.

photo by Sweetapolita via the sweetest occasion
quote as seen on my revelment


  1. Happy belated birthday! I looked at mine the same way, not really looking forward to it but I tried to embrace it the best I could :) Next years birthday treat of a cupcake and margarita sounds so yummy! Great idea.

  2. Hope all is well and that you're having a nice summer! :)