Thursday, February 17, 2011

messy hair

i've always had great hair.
as a little one i had thick curls that glistened with a hint of red.
one time {in college} i obtained blonde highlights to appease a boyfriend.
i'm now happily holding steady at a light brown hue.
although i do miss those hints of red that somehow disappeared over time.

i've put my hair thru the ringer over the years. beyond just changing it's color.
straighteners, diffusers, hot rollers, bobby pins & elastic for pony tails.
worst of all, i have a bad habit of twisting & twirling a particular strand.
poor thing. i've twirled & twisted inches off of it.
i mess with my hair when i am nervous, tired, bored, or comfortable.
{which is pretty much 16 hours of the day}

my hair starts the day off straight & down. & progresses thru various stages.
twist & twirl. up & down. half-up, in a bun, back down. twist & twirl.
it ends the day piled atop my head in a perfectly messy knot.
i don't know why i mess with it all the time.

but i do know this:
at the end of the day, i'm proud of that little knot atop my head.
twisted & twirled and put thru ups & downs throughout the day...
consistently messed with, but always with the potential to appear
chic, pulled together, and purposeful.

one day i will be old & my hair will no longer be blonde, red or brown.
i'll no longer be able to twist it, twirl it and throw it up & down.
but i hope that, even when i'm old, i'll still appear
chic, pulled together, and purposeful.

photo by cali vintage via bippity boppity boo